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Printed Computer Horoscope

Please read instructions below:

This option is available only in India as we post the horoscope through regular mail. People from foreign lands should order Computer horoscope through email.

Correct horoscope is imperative for readings and predictions by any astrologer. Horoscope is sent in Adobe Acrobat Format popularly known as PDF file.

Click on the samples link below to view the different horoscope.

Following are the descriptions of the different options:


These are computer generated horoscope with astronomical and mathematical calculations. There are two kinds of charts: HP series and HC series and both can be chosen from the first link below:

    HP series: Computer generated calculations and analysis

    HC series: Computer generated calculations without analysis

Matchmaking Chart:

This Vedic astrology chart is essential for matchmaking between two individuals for the purposes of friendship, love, sexual relations and marriage.

Krishnamurti Paddhati Chart:

Krishnamurti Padhdhati is a special chart made by the principles laid by Prof Krishnamurti. This system is widely practiced by Vedic astrologers to give pin point predictions. This system of prediction is said to have been derived from a ancient Nadi astrology technique.

Click here to see the Sample horoscope of each kind