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Amazing Offer

Correct horoscope is imperative for readings and predictions by any astrologer. Horoscope is sent in Adobe Acrobat Format popularly known as PDF file.

There are two types of horoscope being offered under this scheme:

HP4 Chart: More than 170 pages with over 80 pages of computer generated analysis of the native.

    Regular Price: Rs 2000

    Discounted Price: Rs 400

HC4+Yogas Chart: Around 100 pages of computer generated horoscope with analysis of the Yogas (special combinations) in the chart.

    Regular Price: Rs 1500

    Discounted Price: Rs 300


Salient Features:

Discount of 80% on regular market price of large computer generated horoscope.

1/3rd amount generated via this offer is donated to the Elderly and the needy. This way we raise funds for the Elderly who are victims of family neglect and also those who may need medical help. This serves as small offering from our side.