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This is a statement of my faith in the accuracy of the astrological readings conducted on my behalf by Mr. Anuj Bahl of

I have been astounded by his reading of my past, which has been absolutely correct, inspite of Mr. Bahl having no previous knowledge of my life at that time. Declarations of what was in store for me, made by him around three years ago, have also since proven to be true.

An explanation of the inexplicable? Ask Anuj Bahl!

Ms Ritika Malkani
Royal LePage Meadowtowne
Mississauga, Ontario

A lot of astrologers have a knack for making you feel awful even though you might be going through your golden period in life!! Either you're going to have an accident or you're going to loose all the money you ever earned...or your spouse is going to leave you to get married to some Aishwarya Rai look alike!!!

As befitting my age (I'm 24), I've also been to my share of astrologers... when I met Anuj, unlike all the other people I showed my "patri" (horoscope) to, he was the only one who assured my mother and me that none of the awful things predicted by the other astrologers were going to happen to me....he told me about the mediocre periods that were I was going to go through and gave very useful suggestions on how to make sure the oscillations of the planets don't affect my life as drastically as could have happened...During tedious periods in the lives of my siblings and friends also he's given his advice...the best part is he's extremely patient and draws a very clear and concise picture...I've had an extremely good experience as far as his readings for me are concerned....

Anchal B. Berry
Voice & Culture Trainer


Some years ago my son and I were going through a very difficult time, due to the strong influence of Shani Devata. I was at the edge of a nervous breakdown. On discussing the matter, Anuj told me that it was going to be an extremely difficult period for Vivek (my son) for the next 7-8 months. He strongly advised me to start 108 japa daily of Mahamritunjya Mantra, which I started immediately. This japa helped to save my son from two life-threatening incidents. The first incident was when a government official threatened to kill him due to a minor disagreement. By the grace of the Lord, seniors at the ministry intervened to curb the misbehaviour of the official.

The second incident was a minor accident, but one which could have been major. A truck unloading at his factory, due to a technical fault, suddenly lost hold of a huge machine. This machine came crashing down and just scrapped past my son's shoulder and toes of his right foot. It was only God's grace and the power of the mantra which had saved my son's right foot. Just a slightest tilt more towards him and his whole foot would have been crushed. I am eternally grateful to the Lord and Anuj for the right advice given to me at an appropriate time. A major disaster had been averted!
Hari Om!

Mithoo H. Hira
Senior School Teacher
New Delhi


When it comes to your astrological prowess, you are outstanding.

My experience of interacting with you, regarding predictions for my future, has been overwhelming. I would say that you have been 99% correct in terms of predicting the future and 95% correct in terms of predicting the right time for the events to happen.
I will bother you every now and then, with whatever doubts I have as I have immense faith in your capabilities.

I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

Pankaj Kundra
Wealth Manager
Citibank N. A.,
New Delhi

Having a person like Anuj Bahl is sure a boon. Whenever I have been faced with some dilemma/problem, I have just run across to Anuj, not only he is able to give the reason but also the solution. I started my business on his advice and am reaping rewards of it. Best thing about his solutions is they are simple to follow and perform. All the best Anuj, the world is yours to be.

Archana Banga
New Delhi

Lots of people are into horoscope readings. I have come across many. Some very big names even. But my trust lies only with Anuj. Me and my family have benefited immensely from his readings and simple solutions. All his predictions have turned out to be true. I can go blindly onto any of his solutions. But beware he is not the kinds to show you rosy pictures only. He will tell you exactly what it is. Good or bad or worse, all your luck.

Anuj sure will go long way ahead.

Yogesh Banga
Advertising & Communications Expert
AQT Communications
New Delhi

My meeting with Mr. Anuj Bahl, happened before my marriage in November 2003. I was totally (mentally and financially) down and disturbed. My mental tension was for some official reasons. Some colleagues at the office, were playing dirty politics against me; and I was about to quit my job. When I met you, in your office, and had discussions, you enquired about my birth details and checked my horoscope. You, then, asked me to continue in the current job till February 27th of 2004, as well as advised me not to join any other company in the meantime, even if I get a better package and that my office environment will change by second week of February.

I am a Christian guy from ancient orthodox family in Kerala and not having any belief in Horoscope, but your advice has changed everything. Now, all the elements that played against me in our office have been sacked due to corruption and misbehavior, including a director and I am doing pretty well in my office.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind advices and predictions, and as well as, my best regards for your portal.

P. B. Varghese
Senior Management
Large Company in India

"It's amazing how you describe exactly what has been, is going on in my life so exactly correct."

Lady in USA - Name Withheld

"The chanting is helping me very much as is using my common sense instead of my emotions. The law suit came about exactly as you described in the land and property report."

Lady in USA -Name Withheld


Just when everything was going fine at my work place, there was a change in the management. With that, there were layoffs. Most of the work was transitioned to our location and I got into a new team and had a new reporting manager, who just did not seem to like the sight of mine for some strange reason. She started finding fault with everything I did or said for no apparent reason. It was getting hard to deal with her daily verbal beatings on a daily basis.

As time flew, conflicts started increasing, gap started widening. I even tried speaking with her to determine what it was that she wanted from me and why she was so critical of me. She seemed less sensitive about the whole issue and so I had very little choice either to call it quits or live with the situation as it was, and behave that I was super cool. Inside, I was feeling feel stuck, frustrated, angry, and disillusioned.

During my consultation with Anuj, he saw my chart and mentioned some of the day-to-day happenings as though he could see what was happening in my office. He predicted everything so correctly that I was amazed. When I asked him how I could resolve issues I had in my office, he suggested some great remedies. He gave me a two yantras asked me to wear it on the particular day after chanting some mantras and offering prayers to God. He asked me to repeat a particular mantra before I encountered my boss.

First few times, I felt my boss either controlled herself when I was around or avoided me and later on slowly she was reasonably nice!!!! And it did not even take a week for me to come out of the situation!!

Since then I've been wearing the yantra given by Anuj and reading the kavach suggested by him. I've also become more focused and attuned. I've also noticed that these have had a dramatic effect on my day-to-day life as well.

He is not just a Vedic astrologer, he is a wonderful human being. I think he is a great human asset in this world full of devious, conniving, manipulative beings.

Software Engineer: Name Withheld


Dear Son,

If not for you, I probably could never have walked. Your timely advice to chant a particular Kavach after seeing my horoscope, for my nagging foot problem, with which I've been suffering from the last four years, miraculously healed me.

There was not a single night, in the last four years, where I had slept without the nagging acute pain and the bleeding feet. When most doctors in India and abroad, after several recommended medications and surgery, could not prevent the blisters and wounds from occurring under my foot, caused due to Vericose Veins and Deep Vein Thrombosis; when there was no hope left for me to ever stand on my feet, you came in our life like a breeze of fresh air.

With your suggested chants and Puja, the same treatment which the doctors' were trying, worked amazingly much to their wonder. In fact, last operation was successful and It is two months and I have now recovered completely.

Your being here has made me and my family very happy and I hope that you'll always know how thankful we are. Thanks to you, for now in my life, I have a reason to look forward to each coming day. You have made me feel lucky to be alive and how I wish I had known you earlier, I probably would have suffered lesser.

May God bless you and keep you always happy and prosperous!

Retired and Aged Indian Housewife, Living Abroad