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Buy Yantras on Bhojpatra

Bhojpatra is the soft part of the bark of a tree. It is traditionally considered best for making Yantras. This serves as the paper on which the Yantra is drawn manually. The yantra is drawn using a special ink made out of "scents" or "gandhas". Three, five or eight gandhas are mixed to make the ink and used to draw the yantra. The pen used to make yantra come from different trees

Currently we offer the Navagraha Numerical Yantras on Bhojpatra. They are prescribed after proper scrutiny of the horoscope and are to be worn in amulet/talisman made from a specific metal. Yantras are powerful protectors against problems.

Navgraha (Nine Planets) Numerical Yantras

1. Surya or Sun Yantra

2. Chandra or Moon Yantra

3. Mangal or Mars Yantra

4. Budha or Mercury Yantra

5. Brihaspati or Jupiter Yantra

6. Sukra or Venus Yantra

7. Shani or Saturn Yantra

8. Rahu or Dragon's head Yantra

9. Ketu or Dragon's tail Yantra